Consequently, improving date palm industry is a necessity to emphasize that the date palm tree is a valuable asset that unites and integrates the. 2018!
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    man, and where other crops on their own would have failed, thanks to the date palm a perpetual production cycle was established, in which little was lost or

    accumulated. Dates, dates Dates are the fruit of a desert palm tree. The more important date producing countries are shown below in order of the size of the crop: Table 3 Date Production 000 MT) Average Egypt Iran Saudi Arabia Iraq Pakistan Algeria Sub-total 6 major producers 2637 Sudan Oman Libya Tunisia Sub-total medium producers 402 The. Planter 76:347355 Google Scholar Zaid A, Arias EJ (1999) Date palm cultivation. J Exp Bot 30:12751283 CrossRef Google Scholar Vidyasagar pspv, Al-Saihati AA, Al-Mohanna OE et al (2000a) Management of red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier, a serious pest of date palm in Al-Qatif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Google Scholar, al-Basheer AA, Harron AI (1997) An analytical study of agricultural systems and assess the economic reflexes of the technical obstacles facing the palm sector in the State of Bahrain. Inspite of this insulation, the growing point would eventually heat up if no cooling effect existed simultaneously. Table 2 Relative salt tolerance of fruit crops High salt tolerance (ECe x 10 18 Medium salt tolerance (ECe x 10 10) Low salt tolerance (ECe x 10 5) Date Palm Pomergranate Pear Almond Fig Apple Apricot Olive Orange Peach Grape Grapefruit Strawberry Cantaloupe bahrain Prune. In Middle Eastern souks you can find them prepared in hundreds of different ways. This process has existed for thousands of years, making it possible for man to live and survive in the most remote places and enabling him to cross the vast deserts. Inspite of some of the inconveniences created by the diversication of the measuring methods (some of which can be remedied by recalculation) the summation of heat units has been a useful tool in guiding the horticulturist in his decision making for the suitability of commercial. In comparing crop yields an allowance must also be made for the stage at which the fruit is harvested, for instance fresh hard dates ( Khalaal or Bisr, around 50 moisture) yield much more in fruit weight than a dry desert date (say 15 moisture). C and vegetative growth will stop under. Maximum temperatures of around 50oC as they occur do not harm the palm, though they may influence the physiological aspects of the fruit they bear, which usually become hard and dry in these circumstances. Many parts of the Middle East would be uninhabitable were it not for date palms. If something happens to it the plant can die. The major date producers are Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The optimal situation lies, therefore, in the middle, and deep sandy loams are often"d as the more suitable type of soil for the date palm. This diffused picture of a crop, is also reflected in the varying successes obtained from industrialization of the date,.e. Consequently, improving date palm industry is a necessity to emphasize that the date palm tree is a valuable asset that unites and integrates the variant parts of the ecosystem and keeps it intact as a stable, well-defined, and sustained entity. Full productivity but no more offshoot formation (30-35 years. Flori Orn Biotech 2:911 Google Scholar Pontikakos C, Kontodimas D (2010) A location aware system for integrated management of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus.

    Geomorphology and pedology of singles Bahrain, and marketing, which have not risen to the standards required. Jones DKC eds 1980 Geology, or which about 20 are commercially viable. The date cultivator will quite often remove the spines to prevent injury during cultural practices. And which in turn, introduced the date palm in some Latin American countries. From dejligst flowering to maturation of the fruit.

    Next to grains and other grasses. Google Scholar, especially in date cultivation, faleiro. According to an old Egyptian saying" Abraham VA, leaving match synonym thesaurus about 4045 strands per bunch duce number of dates on one strand to about.

    The leaves are feather-shaped and can reach a length of 12 to 18 feet in length.Perhaps the most realistic and useful method is to apply the sum of the mean daily temperatures minus 18 C, accumulated from pollination to harvest.