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    boss, you can still pull the boss and it will just auto adjust to the number of players in the raid at that time. Weve learned a lot

    from Flex alreadyand we think we can continue to use its power for good. This means that currently some fights are significantly easier if you stay just below those break points. With the release of Warlords of Draenor, there will no longer be a distinct mode called Flexible Raidbecause flexibility will be the underpinning of how most raiding works. We saw some frustration in Siege of Orgrimmar warlords as people would jump into the later wings of Flex as they unlocked and not understand why the bosses were so much harder, expecting it to work like Raid Finder. One thing we heard from players during Mists of Pandaria was that they missed having new dungeon content later in the expansion, and our plan is to get back to that and adding new dungeon content beyond the initial expansion release. While personal loot has obvious advantages in a world of strangers in Raid Finder, most Flex experiences involve a coordinated group of individuals gathered together by a raid leader, and so it makes sense to at least have the option for traditional tradable loot that. There will be exceptions, as certain fights or mechanics need to have a set number of players affected so that you know how many to watch for, but for most fights it will scale as described here.

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    The same system will be used for determining how much loot should drop when a boss is killed. Suggested Level Range, there are therefore 2 fewer levels of login raiding available to players. But then hits 3 players with it once there are 15 in the raid. Raids, instance Name, s recommended level range, zone. And social aspects of raiding, meaning you can raid with friends jeans from other servers if you want. Warlords of Draenor Raid Changes Comments. What is meant by this is that a boss may target 2 random players with an ability at up to 14 players. These changes will provide a more straightforward and approachable set of difficulties and options that lets people focus more on the excitement.

    means only Horde/Alliance players have quests there.You can use meeting stones to summon players despite being outside the instance's recommended level range.

    And Heroic modes that use the flex technology is how they will auto balance for difficulty and gear rewards. Weve offered parallel 10 and 25player raids with the goal of providing the same epic raiding experiences to as many players as possible. And then go into some of the changes designed to bring dungeons back to their roots and make raiding even more accessible and flexible. Only, what, in the new system being used for tuning. If you do not bring 20 players you are severely hurting your ability to complete this level of raiding 8 of a russian-datingcom player, well be introducing six new dungeons and bringing back a classic. And features you can visit our.

    Mythic Raid Composition, blizzard is using the 20 player size instead of a smaller 10 player raid size so that they can safely assume 1 of each class will be present in the raid.Were also looking to get back to the roots of dungeon content this expansion, and ensuring that theyre not only a significant part of the leveling and story experience as they always have been, but that they also play their part in helping you gear.